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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:31:55 am    Post subject: www.brazilsoccerauthority.com Reply with quote

Summertime tips for pet safety as well as health

Use sunscreen –
Not only you Ricardo Oliveira Brazil Jersey , but your pets also get easily sunburned, especially in the ears and the nose area. Apart from that, there is also the possibility of them getting skin cancers. For pet safety in terms of sunburns, you will find sunscreens for your pets but look out for specific ones that might indicate that that particular sunscreen is meant for a dog or a cat only.

Take some amount of sunscreen in your hands and apply it on your pet’s nose and ears. You can also apply it in the area that comprises of the belly if your pet is in a habit of lying on its back. But take care while you touch your pet’s belly since it is a tender place and your pet might not like the way you handle it. In case your pet especially if it is a dog that has shorter hair Renato Augusto Brazil Jersey , apply it in hisher entire body. This is especially true if you have a dog that has short-hair and is light colored such as a white boxer or a bull terrier. If it is a spray-on sunscreen, you will need to spray it liberally all around hisher body for maximum pet safety.

Give sufficient water for drinking –
There is nothing like water during the hot summer days. Make sure that your pet has access to a lot of fresh water, If heshe is accompanying you on long hikes or at the beach. Adding ice cubes can be a good idea if you want to keep your water cooler for a longer period of time. But do not give ice cubes directly to your pet since it might give them fever and at the same time might break their teeth.

Water will save your pet from having a heat stroke. So whenever, you decide to go outside on a hot day Rafinha Brazil Jersey , always carry a bottle of water that your dog might be able to drink from. In terms of pet safety for cats, you need to let them drink plenty of water besides milk.

You might wonder if you want to shave your dog’s coat for the summer days in order to keep it cool. But many of the veterinary experts are not convinced by the idea, since shaving the coat of dogs especially the ones with long hair will make them more vulnerable to sunburn. In case, if you do want to shave your dog Philippe Coutinho Brazil Jersey , limit the amount of time your dog spends outside and at the same time apply sunscreen lotion liberally for maximum pet safety.

But again, some vets are of the opinion that shaving the coat will do make them more comfortable and at the same time will provide relief from flea and tick infestations which definitely outnumber during this period.

Dry and rinse your pet after swimming –
During summer days, most of the people including you would love to swim a lot. Your dog is of no exception. Heshe will also love to do the same. Just remember to keep its ears dry, since it is also the time where bacteria and fungus make the ears of not only your dogs but also cats Pele Brazil Jersey , their breeding ground. So for pet safety, avoid getting them wet for longer periods of time.

If your pet is elderly or obese, it means that they are often less tolerant to heat. For your pet safety, it is very important they should be kept in a cool environment. Apart from this Paulinho Brazil Jersey , they should be regularly checked for fleas as well as ticks since these parasites are at their most active during summer time.

You?re looking forward to your summer break and you want everything to be just right. Choosing a summer vacation rental has never been easier, as there is such a choice of quality accommodation. From romantic getaways for couples to breaks for all the family, there is something for you at the right price.

How close to the beach would you like to be? There are plenty of beachfront properties available, ideal for families with young children or for anyone intending to try out a water sport. You?re never far away from a game of volleyball or sand castle building competition.

If boating is your hobby Oscar Brazil Jersey , there are a number of vacation rentals by the lake with boat slips for your boat. Anglers can also find rentals with nearby bait shops and chartering outlets. Summertime is the time for relaxing pastimes and your vacation rental needs to be conveniently located, avoiding the cost of unnecessary driving around. So, look for whatever interests you, such as hiking trails or facilities for horseback riding. See what wildlife is around and bird watching opportunities.

The vacation rental should be a homely and comfortable place that can deal with hot days and cooler evenings. Air conditioning makes life a lot easier in hot temperatures and screens on windows filter sunlight and keep out bugs. If there isn?t an air conditioning system Neymar Brazil Jersey , then look to see if there are ceiling fans, especially in the bedrooms. Ask the rental owner or agent if the refrigerator has an efficient ice maker, essential for those long, cool drinks.

Keeping cool and having fun is the name of the game and many summer vacation rentals come with a pool. If there is a seating area round the pool Miranda Brazil Jersey , it?s a private place to do lots of sunbathing. Some properties may also have a Jacuzzi. Following a busy day?s sightseeing or activities, watching the sun go down from the sun deck is a pleasant way to finish the evening. An outdoor dining patio is a great place to take breakfast, particularly if the views are scenic.

A garden or some grassy area is a way of keeping the kids entertained. They can play ball or ride their bikes and generally keep active whilst parents see to the chores or relax. If the vacation rental is in a complex with other children, then why not invite the neighbors. Food always tastes. Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Sports Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Online Wholesale Hockey Jerseys From China Wholesale Football Jerseys From China Wholesale NCAA Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys
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