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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:30:27 am    Post subject: www.anaheimducksteamstore.com/ Reply with quote

ROME http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-brian-flynn-jersey , June 23 (Xinhua) -- A measles death case of a six-year-oldboy in the northern Italian city of Monza has sparked renewedcontroversy over vaccines in Italy.

The child's immune system was compromised because he hadleukemia and contracted measles from his two older siblings, whohad not been vaccinated.

Italy has seen a dropoff in immunizations in recent years due tohighly organized ""no-vax"" campaigns claiming that vaccines cancause autism, and that they are a plot hatched by greedymultinationals.

The populist Five Star Movement, currently the leading party inItaly, has in the past endorsed the ""no-vax"" position.

""Such cases would not happen today if immunization coverage wereadequate and if parents vaccinated their children,"" ItalianPediatrics Society vaccines commissioner http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-brian-bellows-jersey , Susanna Esposito, toldItalian news agency ANSA on Friday.

""The little boy had acute lymphoblasetic leukemia, a diseasewhich today has an 85 percent chance of recovery in similar cases,""Lombardy Welfare Councillor Giulio Gallera said in a statementannouncing the child's death late on Thursday.

""I reiterate that herd immunity, that is, vaccinating over 95percent of children http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-brett-ritchie-jersey , is the only way to protect those withcompromised immune systems,"" Gallera wrote.

Measles has the potential for large outbreaks whereverimmunization coverage has dropped below the necessary threshold of95 percent of the population, according to the World HealthOrganization (WHO).

This is the case right now in Italy and Romania, both of whichare experiencing the largest measles outbreaks in Europe, the WHOhas warned.

There have been 3,074 cases of measles in Italy since thebeginning of the year http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-brett-hull-jersey , 89 percent of them among unvaccinated peopleand with 40 percent of cases landing patients in hospital,according to the Italian health ministry's weekly bulletin on whatit says is an ongoing measles epidemic.

There is no specific treatment for measles and while most peoplerecover within two to three weeks it can cause seriouscomplications, including blindness, encephalitis, pneumonia, anddeath.

It is globally still one of the leading causes of childhoodmortality http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-bobby-smith-jersey , and the only way to prevent it is by immunization,according to the WHO.

""It is extremely painful to comment on the death of asix-year-old boy... who probably could have been saved fromleukemia but who was killed by measles,"" Health Minister BeatriceLorenzin said in a statement.

""This happens... when herd immunity is lacking,"" wrote Lorenzin,whose measure raising from four to 12 the number of mandatoryvaccines for young children went into effect on June 7.

""We must respect medicine and scientific truth for the good ofour children,"" the health minister wrote. The new vaccines lawincludes immunization against highly contagious diseases such aspolio http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-ben-bishop-jersey , meningitis, measles, and rubella.

It makes completing these vaccinations a pre-requisite forchildren to attend school, and imposes fines on parents who don'tcomply. The measure sparked protests in Italy's north, with 130families in the Alto Adige region saying they would rather claimpolitical asylum in nearby Austria than vaccinate their kids.Enditem

Xi stresses enhancing rocket launch, test capability

Xi urges efforts to eradicate extreme poverty

Rescue work underway after SW China landslide

Aerial view of Tianmu Mountain natural conservation area in E China

Midsummer Day marked in Estonia

Scenery at Bamboo Sea scenic spot in southwest China

Giant pandas ""Meng Meng"" and ""Jiao Qing"" to settle in new home in Berlin

In pics: terraces in NW China

" What kind of suitcases http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-antoine-roussel-jersey , what packing methods? What you need to know is what to pack! When you're getting ready for your trip, the best thing to do is to start a packing list.

What you need to put on that list will depend on your destination and your travel style. I mean, if you're going to a tropical country, what you'll need to pack will be completely different from if you're going to Antarctica.... though it might surprise you that we'd recommend a swimsuit in either case.

You'd always take a swimsuit to a tropical beach, but there are hot springs on Deception Island in the Antarctic Peninsula where you can swim... and who wouldn't want bragging rights about swimming in Antarctica!

So are you going to be touring cities or going on safari; getting pampered at a spa or visiting a dude ranch? You can pack light in any case, you just need to adjust your wardrobe. If you're going on a scuba diving trip and taking your own equipment... well http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/adidas-alexander-radulov-jersey , you probably know what you need to take... and that you won't be packing light!

It takes some planning to pack with today's security alerts, but if you can pack everything in carry-on luggage, you can avoid airline baggage fees.

For women, here's what I take.... some combination of five long and short sleeved blouses depending on the climate of our destination. Two pairs of slacks and one skirt for dress up. A light pull over sweater and an outer sweater. One nightgown, underwear for 5 days and a swimsuit. Two pairs of shoes and three or four pairs of socks.

For men... again, some combination of five long and short sleeved shirts. Two pairs of long pants. Shorts if expecting warm weather. Pull over sweater. A swim suit. Underwear for five days. Two pairs of shoes and three or four pairs of socks.

You really don't need many more clothes than that. Who cares if you wear the same things over and over... you're on the move... you will never see most of these people again. Wash things out as you travel. Try to find fabrics that drip dry well.

What to pack beyond your clothes? Prescription medications... enough for your trip and a few days extra. Deodorant http://www.dallasstarsteamstore.com/ , aspirin, antacids and cold tablets. Too. Cheap Sports Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NCAA Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping
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