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A Tribute to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 6:51:18 am    Post subject: www.cheapthrowbackjerseyschina.com Reply with quote

Earth was born with some innate knowledge about the creatures that inhabit it. Sadly Cheap Harrison Smith Jersey , the same canít be said of the latter. Weíve reached a time in our planetís life when we need to teach ourselves or at least be taught how to protect it. A basic education is no longer enough; we cannot afford to rely on common sense any longer, in matter of sustaining our planet.

David Orr, the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin College, is also a well known environmentalist active in many areas of environmental studies, including environmental education and environmental design. He asserts that all education must be environmental. Students must be taught that the human race is not separate from nature or above it, but an inherent part of it. Environmentalism can no longer be a choice Wholesale Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , a luxury or a hobby. If the human race and any other life on earth has to continue to survive, environmental education is a necessity.

Putting together his two favourite things, environmentalism and education, Orr has worked with the community at the Oberlin College to develop the Oberlin Project. This unique initiative is meant to be self-sustaining many years into the future. It is entirely dependent on renewable sources of energy, has a Green Arts District, a huge green belt for local farming and the space and resources to lay the foundation for Orrís dream project: a new approach to learning that teaches the principles of environmental protection and ecological responsibility in tandem with a regular curriculum. All this through a sustainable economic model Wholesale Vikings Jerseys , able to be replicated anywhere.

Recognising the dire need for education in the realm of sustainability, the UN declared 2005-2014 as the decate to educate all stakeholders towards achieving human development through economic growth, social development and environmental protection. This education is a wider planned instruction towards creating policies and programmes that will instill ďvalues, behaviour and lifestyle required for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation.Ē

The idea is to create communication and modes of instruction for environmental education, of a more holistic kind for the general public, going beyond mere information on environmental protection. It is clear that Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys , if communities can make life altering choices and adopt values that reflect a model pro-sustainability lifestyle, perhaps we can look at a planet worthy of leaving behind for future generations to enjoy.
Three Reasons Why Businesses Fail Three Reasons Why Businesses Fail June 5, 2013 | Author: Lisa Ballinger | Posted in Business
Businesses fail for may reasons. Lack of customer service, leadership and vision and strategic planning are the three primary reasons businesses fail. Whenever one of these things is not doing well business success is unduly affected.

Customer Service is important as without it a businessís ability to generate sales is affected. You need to have staff who can understand the needs of the customer. This encourages customer loyalty. In addition, you need to have productsservices that promote customer loyalty andor serve a particular market segment. Loyalty programs can help increase customer loyalty up to a point. Any productservice that appeals to a particular customer base can help increase loyalty. But it the combination of these that has a real effect on keeping customers loyal and adding new customers.

Leadership is important as they are the driving force within your business. They will determine how your vision is implemented within your business. This is because they are responsible for directing the employees and putting into effect ideas, processes and systems that will lead them to the vision of the organisation. Regular communication is important so it matches your own vision Cheap Vikings Jerseys , ideas and processes otherwise you may end up at a different place than the one you anticipated.

Vision and Strategic Planning are the final aspect of business you need to get right. This is because you can have all of the above that was mentioned but if you donít know where you are going you wonít know where you will end up or worse, youíll end up somewhere where you didnít want to be in the first place. Vision should be encompass everything, you should work out the goal you want to be at that matches your vision. For example, you want your business to focus on customer service (this is your segment) and that you want to have a 5% Return On Investment within 5 years (this is your goal). Your vision is focused on customer service but your strategic plan is focused on the 5% Return on Investment and your strategy will determine what method you will use to get you there. This incidentally is related to your vision of being a customer service focused organisation.

Managing these three areas well will help make your business a success. Customer Service needs to be the focus of your organisation. This will help ensure your revenue continues to grow. Leadership and Vision are an integral part as well as they will make sure you are headed in the right direction. Keeping these three at the center of your business will help you and your business succeed.

Want to find out more about why businesses fail, then visit Lisa Ballingerís site on how to get help for your small business for your needs.

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